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Spleen Lyric Booklet with Bandcamp Code

Spleen Lyric Booklet with Bandcamp Code

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The official lyric booklet of Spleen by Irene Wilde.

Read along, listen, collect, ponder. 

Includes download code for the album on Bandcamp and artist card.

In a hauntingly raw production of sound and lyrical gravity, an artist offers up her pain, her spleen full of the blackest bile, in hope that you may too purge yourself of this.”
Released November 20, 2020, Irene Wilde offers up her pain in Spleen. Within her first full-length album, the blackest bile is ever present. It is in the gut-wrenching honesty of the lyrics; it is in this damning sense of grief in her raw, minimalistic production. But still, despite this feeling of struggling to stay afloat in that thick, opaque liquid of heartache and sound, it pleads with you to try.

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