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Irene Wilde

Skin - Art Print

Skin - Art Print

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 “It doesn't matter," he said, staring at the wall, at the cracking plaster, the waterstain that looked like a giant feeding spider. "Nothing does. We all strive to say something—as if it's important. As if there can be some lasting value . . . And yet we all know mankind is doomed to nothingness. Immortality." He laughed bitterly. "There's no such thing. There's no meaning to anything. We get up in the morning, we push through the day, we go to sleep. Day after day. Endlessness. Meaninglessness.”
― Megan Chance, The Portrait

5" x 7" Art Print.
All prints are created on-demand by Irene.
Printed on Finestra Art Premium Matte Bright White Photo Paper. (acid-free)
Prints are enclosed in clear closure bags with a backing board and artist card.
Ships between 3 - 5 Business Days.
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