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Pyrrhicae Lyric Booklet with Bandcamp Code

Pyrrhicae Lyric Booklet with Bandcamp Code

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The official lyric booklet of Pyrrhicae by Irene Wilde.

Read along, listen, collect, ponder. 

Includes download code for the album on Bandcamp and artist card.

“A woman frees herself of her own stigma as she dances around that self-hating pyre she once helped build.”.

Pyrrhicae is not an album that jumps for joy and exclaims that all is good and fair. It is the complicated, bittersweet love story of trying. For that hope of life and love isn’t sequestered by any amount of madness. And to have been in the muck does not nullify you from being deserving of happiness. Pyrrhicae is Irene’s dance back to herself by finding the strength to be open & unshielded to the world so that she may experience that something other: the good too.


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