Leading an elegant parade of individually zoomed, unpredictably angled naked portraits and intimate musings, Irene Wilde’s avant-pop artistry is begrudgingly sentient. As she echoes “You are not alone in feeling,” she lends to others the same kindness she hopes to receive. For the very name Irene Wilde – a surname taken from the perception of her character based on her Bipolar I diagnosis – allows her to flow between who she is authentically and what stigma dictates.

From a tiny apartment in Seattle, Irene Wilde continues painting her expressive nudes and other oddities. For Wilde, her music allows her to be direct in her thoughts and musings, her joys and sorrows. Painting, however, allows the story to continue but in a way that allows far more open interpretation. As for the nudity, it is simply the representation of the self: uninhibited and exposed. “I paint them naked because they’re strong, yet vulnerable. They’re not hiding behind anything. ‘This is me in truth.’ But people tend to sexualize the naked female form so I began to paint them bald – seeing as women’s hair has already been taken away from them and lent towards some else’s sexual preference…. Look at what they are communicating, I ask you to see them.”

In her music, Irene Wilde’s haunting vocals pour over her self-produced tracks. The lyrics contain neat anecdotes and intimate details about the reality of living with Bipolar I disorder; details about being a woman wanting more than what is currently offered. This intimacy has a simple purpose – allow yourself to feel and empathize with someone other for we all are capable of feeling in equal depth, intensity, and with passion.

“There’s legitimate pain here, and I know I’m not the only one. I sincerely hope this does not induce upon any listener a feeling of hopelessness but rather allows the listener to accept they are not alone in feeling. But no, my bipolar does not define me. I’m defined by what I make, create, and fight for. Despite its endless ravishing’s.”